A visit to Neuastenberg is not complete without a trip through the mountains. The breathtaking mountain is open all summer for tourists and adventurers. Whether you want a relaxing day among the wildflowers or a challenging ride through the rugged beauty of the wilderness, a day out in nature is an unforgettable experience for everyone. Sauerland has several walking and cycling routes. Feel free to choose your own route and discover what makes this mountain so unique. For downhillers and freeriders Winterberg has a Bike Park, the largest in Germany. http://www.wintersport-arena.de


The golf course is located in the middle of an untouched nature. The golfer can enjoy the beautiful views of the mountainous landscape of Sauerland from different points of the 9-hole course. A natural watercourse affects the game highly. The entire course is characterized by different inclinations, and large quantities of trees. At only 18 kilometers away (max. 30 km) you will also find two 18-hole golf courses. www.golfclub-winterberg.de

9-Hole Course

Visitors are welcome every day. Reservations are required. A valid handicap certificate from your home club is required. Handicap limit: 54 (Mon-Fri) / 45 (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays) VCG players welcome. VCG-Players are Admitted.


Dogs are not allowed.

Summer Tubing

Make your descent sitting in the middle of a large inflatable ring: summer tubing is sliding fun, it’s almost as if on snow! That means heaps of fun for the whole family. Skidding and spinning around their own axis, the tubers zoom down the 180m track in Winterberg in their inflatable rings. http://www.wintersport-arena.de

Nordic walking

The rhythmic clicking of sticks accompanies your steps as you glide through the warm summer air surrounded by lush green meadows. Explore well-known landscapes from a different perspective. As the snow slowly melts and patches of green start to show, a whole new world unfolds around you, offering a nature experience of a different kind. But don’t stop moving! With just a slight adaptation to your movement pattern you can continue your healthy and relaxing sport. Get Nordic! http://www.wintersport-arena.de


The climbing forest Winterberg offers excitement above the ground. Up to 10 m height, the visitors are climbing, hanging and balancing their way along the different tracks and control element after element. Safety is guaranteed by strong first-climbing harnesses and safety ropes that can be secured. Follow one of the special beginners courses in order to warm up. Once you’ve found your balance go to the more challenging courses. There are different levels – read the signs well before you leave the ground! http://www.wintersport-arena.de


Bring body and mind in balance while walking on the roof of Sauerland. Find 480 km of marked hiking trails including the pilgrim “Heidestrasse”, the height walk with start and finish at the “Kahler Asten” with its famous weather station in WInterberg (elevation 2,200 meters), themed walks and of course “the Rothaarsteig” (distance 154 km, elevation 3,931 meters). In addition, the town of Winterberg is recognized for its climate which contributes to a general feeling of wellbeing during your stay. Of course you find your way on a variety of bars and cafes that provide refreshment and a fine resting place for your trips. Whether you are just up for a brisk walk with the whole family, or you want to make a combination of culture and nature, maybe a quick pace for advanced, or simply enjoy the beautiful vistas, Neuastenberg provides a great walking experience for everyone!


In the region of Winterberg / Neuastenberg you can find a wide range of services for the care of the body and mind. The majestic mountain scenery appears to be a perfect setting for fitness, adventure and pampering. Experience balance and total well-being thanks to the fantastic possibilities offered by the spa and wellness centers in the region.